The New RebusFarm - Faster. Stronger. Better.

Monday, 06 November 2023 by Nicole Holt | Reading time: 3 Minutes

Redefining Rendering: The New RebusFarm Unleashed!

RebusFarm is elated to introduce a groundbreaking advancement in render farming, taking the concept of a render farm-in-your-desktop to new heights. We've reimagined and refined our render software, making it smarter, more convenient, and faster than ever before.

The Key Features of The New RebusFarm

Features Description
Streamlined User Experience Our renowned one-click render technology, often imitated but never surpassed, has been enhanced for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. We've not only evolved existing features but introduced several new ones.
Blazing-Fast Connectivity Experience an ultra-fast and redundant connection to RebusFarm, leveraging the latest transfer protocol technologies. Say goodbye to slow upload times and hello to rapid data transfer.
Unparalleled Rendering Speed Harness the power of 64-core machines for CPU rendering or the latest Nvidia GPU cards with up to 5 cards per engine, delivering lightning-fast rendering speeds. No more waiting for your project to start – our dedicated render engines kick into action immediately, eliminating setup delays and reducing costs.
Industry-Standard Plugins Our plugins have been meticulously refined to seamlessly integrate with your workflow. Trust in RebusFarm as the industry standard for supporting your creative endeavors.
Renewed ControlCenter The ControlCenter has undergone a complete transformation, offering a contemporary design and an additional dashboard for effortless organization. Enjoy ultra-fast ControlCenter Interaction with commands executed instantly.
Enhanced Job Status Information Gain access to finely-grained information about the current status of your render jobs, providing you with greater insight and control over your projects.
Immediate Frame Downloads No more waiting for frame packages to be assembled – finished frames download immediately upon completion.
Innovative Team Manager Tool The TeamManager has been completely revamped, offering self-management capabilities for an unlimited number of team members. Enjoy advanced budget control, graduated administration roles, and the option to share your work status with clients.

One of the first users of the new software shared this feedback with us:

"Hi all, Just thought I'd congratulate you on a great update to the control center. Everything seems to be working fine. Much prefer the layout and everything seems much more responsive too. Well done" - David

At RebusFarm, we're not just faster; we're stronger and better than ever before. Experience the future of rendering with our cutting-edge technology and elevate your creative projects to new heights.

Join us on this exciting journey by exploring the limitless possibilities of The New RebusFarm.

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