RebusFarm's 3D Artist of the Month contest has ended!

After many incredible years of celebrating the extraordinary talent of 3D artists from around the globe, we find ourselves at a bittersweet moment. The time has come to bid farewell to our cherished 3D Artist of the Month contest.

While we are saddened by the decision to conclude this chapter, we are equally grateful for the amazing journey we've had. Your passion, dedication, and talent have made this contest a resounding success, and it has been an honor to feature and celebrate your remarkable creations every month.

As we close this contest, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to every artist who has contributed to this extraordinary competition. Your artistic endeavors have not only left an enduring impression on our hearts but have also played a crucial role in maintaining the vibrant spirit of our RebusFamily.

Our commitment to supporting and showcasing your exceptional talents doesn't end here. Through our RebusArt Feature, we will continue to promote you and your artwork, rendered at RebusFarm. Additionally, we will persist in publishing insightful making-of articles that delve deep into the creation process of your 3D projects. This initiative aims to inspire fellow artists by fostering a culture of shared knowledge, where each of us can learn and grow together.


The 3D Artist of the Week Award will continue on our Social Media Channels

Our submission form is closed, but given the abundance of exceptional artwork from submissions in recent months, we will continue to announce 3D Artists of the Week on our social media platforms. If your submission is selected, our social media team will contact you before featuring your work. 

Be sure to stay connected with our social media channels for updates on our upcoming 3D Artists of the Week!

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3D Artist of the Month Winners

Click on the winners' images in the slideshow below to read their interviews on our blog and learn about them, their 3D journey and their artwork.