SketchUp Render Farm Software

SketchUp is supported with the external render engine V-Ray. You just have to register and install our software. After that, you are ready to render online with our very powerful machines. The RebusFarm Software enables you to send your render jobs to the SketchUp Render Farm with ease and get them back very fast.

Why use RebusFarm for SketchUp online rendering?

Long rendering times are frustrating. Waiting hours for a single image wastes your time and delays projects.
We specialize in fast online rendering for SketchUp. Our innovative technology optimizes your workflow, so you can focus on designing. With our online rendering for SketchUp, you will experience lightning-fast results, work efficiently, and impress clients.
No more waiting or staring at progress bars. Take control of your projects. Start your SketchUp online rendering today!

Render farm for SketchUp © Natrangdesign
© Natrangdesign

Supported Render Engines

  • V-Ray 3.X
  • V-Ray Next

If you have questions about our software or versions, just write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our support team is always happy to help you!

Featured projects of RebusFarm with Trimble SketchUp

Architectural Visualization | 'Into the Woods' | Ander Alencar

Architectural Visualization | 'Into the Woods' | Ander Alencar


Brazilian 3d artist Ander Alencar is a passionate archviz creator and he is the owner of the successful 3D visual studio, Oficina3D. In an interview with RebusFarm he said: "I’ve been using RebusFarm for a long time by now, eight years at the very least, maybe more. [...] It's amazing how reliable and easy to use your service is, I can always count on you. Only a few clicks, and I have completed a render and saved the file on my computer in no time – it's magic!"


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