RebusFarm Cloud Rendering Partners

Software Partner

Autodesk | Cloud Rendering Partner

Autodesk is one of the biggest companies in the 3D industry. Maya and 3ds Max are therefore only a small part of the large Autodesk portfolio. More:

AXYZ | Cloud Rendering Partner

AXYZ develops stunning photo scanned 3D people and anima®. It's the fastest character animation application designed for 3D artists to quickly and easily create stunning 3D animated humans in seconds. More:

As a public and independent benefit organization, the Blender Foundation takes care of the continuous development of the open-source 3D software Blender. More:

Chaos Group | Cloud Rendering Partner

V-Ray is the core development of Chaos, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process. More:

Corona Renderer | Cloud Rendering Partner

Corona renderer is a (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available as fully integrated 3ds Max and Cinema 4D plugin as well as a standalone application. More:

Foundry | Cloud Rendering Partner

Foundry's software solutions are anything but ordinary. The workflows they create serve multiple industries and generally make doing creative things a walk in the park. More:

Humster 3D | Cloud Rendering Partner

Humster 3D sells high quality 3D models, which are all made by themselves. They have the biggest collection of cars on the Internet. More:

Indigo Renderer | Cloud Rendering Partner

Indigo renderer is an unbiased, photorealistic renderer for GPU and CPU, which simulates the physics of light to achieve nearly perfect image realism. More:

iToo | Cloud Rendering Partner

iToosoft is a 3D software developing company with tools for scattering, modeling, and scene assembly. They are known for their Forest Pack and RailClone, plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max. More:

Laubwerk | Cloud Rendering Partner

Laubwerk offers a wide range of authentic 3D plants and plant scattering tools via easy-to-use software extensions. More:

Maxon | Cloud Rendering Partner

As Maxon's best-known development, Cinema 4D is one of the most used 3D software for 3D modeling, painting, rendering and animation. More:

NewTek | Cloud Rendering Partner

NewTek produces a wide range of advanced video production systems and software. Their tools will bring your creative vision to life. More:

Next Limit | Cloud Rendering Partner

Stared in 1998, Next Limit offers a wide range of simulation and visualization software by now, including RealFlow, Maxwell Render and CaronteFX. More:

Renderpeople | Cloud Rendering Partner

Renderpeople creates and sells photorealistic human 3D models. The modern 3D scanning technology guarantees a high level of realism and finest details in all their 3D models. More:

Community Partner

ArtStation | Cloud Rendering Partner

ArtStation is known all over the world and is one of the biggest networks in the CG industry. Meanwhile it is a matter of course to have a profile on ArtStation and to present your portfolio to the community. Beyond that, ArtStation is a good source for industry news, jobs and contests. More:

CGArchitect | Cloud Rendering Partner

The ArtStation of the archviz scene! Our longtime partner CGarchitect offers everything around portfolio presentation, job offers, forum, news and architecture competitions. More:

CGPress | Cloud Rendering Partner

As one of the longest-running CG news websites in the world, CGPress constantly provides you with the most important news of the 3D community. A site created by and for CG artists. More:

CGSociety | Cloud Rendering Partner

With its great thematic diversity, CGSociety offers a network for everyone who wants to present their 3D projects on a personal profile, in the forum or in community competitions. On top of that, you can find the latest cg news and a wide range of diverse workshops on the website. More:

Evermotion | Cloud Rendering Partner

Evermotion offers one of the most popular and lively forums in the arch viz industry, as well as news, a blog and a shop for 3D generated interior and exterior products. More:

Moho | Cloud Rendering Partner

Moho is known to be the top architectural visualization training center based in South Korea. They provide industry news and hold conferences every year with major industry giants. More: | Cloud Rendering Partner is the biggest 3D blogging platform in Russia where Studios and cg artists can show their projects in their portfolios and create blog articles for the whole community. More:

RenderThat | Cloud Rendering Partner

RenderThat offers customers digital copies of physical products (photorealistic visualizations) using CGI. They recreate products as digital 3D models. More:

VWArtclub | Cloud Rendering Partner

VWArtclub is a community that offers 3D artists and studios a wide range of opportunities to promote their projects. In addition to presenting the artists in social media posts and groups, competitions and calls for tenders are also very common. More:

Xane Graphics | Cloud Rendering Partner

Xane Graphics is an innovative team of 3D Artists, Animators, Creative Concept Strategists, Designers and Social Media Marketing Experts. They create amazing Computer Generated Images and other content for Product Visualisations, Advertising, Company Branding, Game Development and so on. More:

XP-PEN | Cloud Rendering Partner

XP-Pen is your professional and reliable supplier of graphic tablets, pen display monitors, stylus pens and related accessories. This also includes handwriting displays and tablets used in education, finance, the medical industry and fine art. More:


Arch Viz Artist | Cloud Rendering Partner

Arch Viz Artist teaches how to create great architectural visualizations and animations. It’s the best place to look for the arch viz tutorials, tricks and tips that will improve your artistic skills. More:

Gnomon - School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation | Cloud Rendering Partner

Gnomon was founded in 1997 and is located in Hollywood, California. The school is the place to learn visual effects and to get everything you need, to become one of the world's best digital artists. They offer a wide range of different courses to teach students as well as professionals. More:

GoPillar Academy | Cloud Rendering Partner

GoPillar Academy is a professional e-learning platform for architects, civil engineers and designers from all over the world. They focus on specialized software teaching from basic to advanced levels. The great thing about their learning platform is that you can take the courses whenever and wherever you like to, you only need access to their website or mobile app. More:

J.A.Render Cursos | Cloud Rendering Partner

J.A. Render Courses is an architectural program designed to empower you on your journey to becoming a proficient 3D artist. Through their carefully crafted methodology, students will attain exceptional skills in creating photorealistic interior and exterior renderings, captivating animations, and more, all within a 30-day timeframe. More:

MAC Formazione | Cloud Rendering Partner

MAC Formazione is a training organization born with the aim of bringing each of its students a highly professional training. MAC Formazione is also an accredited and certified training center by Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, ICDL/ECDL, Pekit, Unity, Knowledge Pillars and ISO 9001 EA37 training 4.0. More:

OF3D ACADEMY | Cloud Rendering Partner

OF3D Academy was established by the OF3D Group and with the vision and passion of its founder Ander Alencar. Their courses aim at developing the full creative potential that every human being has. More:

V-Art Escuela Audiovisual | Cloud Rendering Partner

V-Art Escuela Audiovisual is a school in Sevilla, Spain which offers many different courses such as Information Architecture and Interior Design, 3D Modeling, Animation and Graphics, Creating Video Games with Unity, 3D Modeling of Characters, Illustration and Conceptual Art for Video Games. We partnered up with them to support our 3D artists of tomorrow with their very first projects. More:

VizAcademy | Cloud Rendering Partner

VizAcademy is an online school offering 7-week training of photorealistic rendering in 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. During the training, you will learn 3D product modeling from scratch, creating interiors and buildings with its lighting and photorealistic materials. They offer training for beginners as well as for more advanced 3D creators. More: