3D Artist of the Month September 2017: Harun Kaymaz

Friday, September 1st, 2017 by Julian Karsunky

Check out our September 2017 3D Artist of the Month, Harun Kaymaz! His latest work 'Brown Bedroom' is an impressive excercise in architectural vizualisation and interior design, created in 3ds Max and V-Ray. From the highly detailed textures to the elaborate reflections in the glass objects, the Turkish 3D artist has perfected his craft down to a T.

Harun Kaymaz is a freelance architect and self-taught 3D artist with a keen eye for composition and scene lighting. In addition, he shares his technical skill and vast knowledge with students and upcoming artists in the form of private lessons. The work as tutor is more than a convenient side job for Harun though: It’s apparent how much passion and effort goes into his teachings by the impressive results it yields on a regular basis.  

Such as the ‘Brown Bedroom’ series, which started as a simple case study in interior design and 3D visualization for his students. Based on a simple reference work, the project soon began taking a life on its own, eventually turning into the marvelous piece of today.


Brown Bedroom

 ‘Brown Bedroom’ was created using 3ds Max 2015 and V-Ray 3.2, both staples in Harun’s daily work. As the Turkish 3D artist considers materials among the most important subjects in CGI, he cites the Floor Generator and Multi Texture plugins as well as the Sweep Profile script as particularly helpful for the project. Post production was done in Adobe Photoshop as well as After Effects.

 A look at Harun’s portfolio shows just how much attention he pays to detail. Decorating is an integral part of interior design and an art in itself – one Harun excels at. The placement of what at first glance appear to be random objects not only constitutes overall composition, it also helps adding personality to a room. Making this meticulous process seem effortless and natural is the hallmark of a skilled interior designer, but it also means a lot of additional work. From various plants, clothes and furniture to the owl figurine on the nightstand, there are a lot of different surfaces in Harun’s ‘Brown Bedroom’, each with its own unique texture.   


Brown Bedroom, detail

“If you want to become better, work harder!” Harun credits this simple, yet firm motto for getting to where he is today. At age 31, resting on his laurels is the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he harbors the ambition to combine two of his greatest passions in the future: “As I love cinema, it’s one of my long term goals to work on VFX for movie productions.” 

As Harun hasn’t had the chance to use the RebusFarm services yet, this might be the perfect opportunity to start rendering some visual effects. Taking into account both his raw talent and rigorous work ethic, we have no doubt Harun will succeed in this endeavor and wish him all the best.   


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