3D Artist of the Month February 2017: Narrative Studio

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 by N. Herget


New RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month in February is NARRATIVE, a CGI studio from Australia! Congratulations!

NARRATIVE is based in Sydney and mainly focusses on architecture competition entries.
Check the studio's portfolio of stunning exterior ArchViz projects on www.narrative.graphics or Instagram!

The studio was founded by ArchViz artist Neil Paul, shortly after hustling through architecture school, holding a few jobs and spending long nights with 3ds Max and Photoshop.
Neil now is the studio's art director and we're glad he could find some time to talk about his winning image.

Dealing with open spaces visually transforms Neil's self-understanding as an artist the best way possible:
"I really like working on exterior scenes especially aerials, masterplans, larger architecture scenes and landscape architecture.
I think that it's hard to pinpoint a definitive subject with such images and the focus is open for interpretations. Everyone has a different take and I quite like this openness for interpretations."

Always keeping one's perception open, channeling every sensual input and melting it together in one image is the perceptible essence of the studio's works. Driven by a steady interest in learning and skilled with a fluid visual palette, every input emerges into these large-scaled and beautifully detailed projects.

When talking about "The Star Sydney" Neil's holistic approach in architectural subjects shows through once more: "It was important to me that the image had many focal points, multiple stories and clusters of activity as a city is a kaleidoscope of countless experiences."

He goes on further about the creation process: "Rather than accidental pockets of light and shade, I chose to work from a darker starting point and used light to emphasize parts of the image. The art direction came from composing the city first, then we simply added the tower to the scene.This way of setting up the project backward gave the direction to present the new tower. Since it has to be one with the city, the best way is to start with the city.
Both the dawn and the night scene were made up of a lot of photos and a couple of different renders -  it was hard to render everything." says Neil.

Technically the image was made using 3ds Max, VrayForest Pack Pro and Photoshop: "Vray is an invaluable render plugin for its speed, accuracy and its ease of use (kudos to the slider pre-set!). Can't live without Forest Pro, and Photoshop makes anything pretty. I work a little like a matte painter so this workflow works best for me."

Neil hasn't used RebusFarm yet but is keen on doing so.

Happy rendering, Neil!

You want to be our next featured 3D Artist of the Month during the upcoming month and win 250 RenderPoints? Just visit our 3D Artist of the Month competition page and submit your entry. We'll choose the best image and contact the winner.


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