RebusFarm News | Wednesday, 11 October 2023
The New RebusFarm Software - Better. Stronger. Faster.

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: The New Rebus Farm - Faster. Stronger. Better.

This groundbreaking release represents a quantum leap in render efficiency, promising to revolutionize the way 3D artists and studios harness the power of cloud rendering.

As the demands for high-quality graphics, animations, and simulations continue to grow, so does the need for scalable and efficient rendering solutions. The New Rebus Farm addresses these challenges head-on, offering a range of cutting-edge features that empower creatives and enterprises to achieve their visual goals faster and with unprecedented precision.

What are the Key Features of the New RebusFarm?

There are two main features, that we want to mention here:

Revamped ControlCenter

Navigate your projects with ease through the entirely redesigned ControlCenter, now equipped with an additional dashboard for faster, more intuitive organization.

Advanced Team Manager Tool

RebusFarm introduces the new Team Manager, a comprehensive tool that allows self-managed teams with an unlimited number of members. Enjoy advanced budget control, graduated administration roles, and personalization, all in one place.

Check the video to see more details of the New RebusFarm Render Software:

Ultra-Fast and Redundant Connection

Experience lightning-fast, redundant connectivity to RebusFarm, thanks to the latest transfer protocol technologies. Our commitment to speed ensures that your data transfer is as smooth as it gets.

Blazing-Fast Rendering

We've upgraded our rendering capabilities with 64-core machines for CPU rendering and the latest Nvidia GPU cards, featuring up to 5 cards per engine. This means your renders will be completed in record time, saving you both time and money.

Testimonials from Early Users

"The speed is mind-blowing. Frames, that take hours on my computer are rendered within minutes at RebusFarm. I love the new dashboard with my photo! You guys did a great job with that! I log in and see my jobs, amount of Renderpoints and my team right away." – Sarah H., 3D Artist

"The new RebusFarm design is top-notch, and the new Team Manager Tool is a game changer for our studio. We can now create separate projects with different team members, which makes it so much easier to check the status of a certain project and even share it with our clients. We love it! Thank you RebusFarm for making this happen!" – Marco S., 3D Artist

At RebusFarm, we're not just delivering a rendering service; we're shaping the future of rendering. With this monumental update, we are excited to provide all artists and studios with a seamless, ultra-fast, and feature-rich rendering experience.

Discover the future of rendering with RebusFarm's new ControlCenter and Team Manager. Join us as we revolutionize the way you bring your creative visions to life.

Start Rendering with The New RebusFarm Now!