3D Community News | Tuesday, 07 May 2024
The Grove 3D - Grove 2.1 Released

Tree modeling just got easier! F12 launches The Grove 2.1!

This release features an enhanced secondary growth algorithm that considers local light conditions. This is important for accurately simulating branch thickness, which is now influenced by the energy produced through photosynthesis and the distribution of growth hormones driven by water flow within the tree.

They've upgraded the software's simulation of light and shadow with ray tracing technology. This creates a more realistic tree growth model, including how branches bend towards sunlight (phototropism) and grow stronger to resist gravity.

This version uses more straightforward language and avoids technical terms like "algorithm." It also explains the benefits of ray tracing more intuitively.

Also included is an updated naming scheme based on scientific classifications and a new approach to simulating the life cycle of trees that considers natural processes of branch decay and death.

Check out the comprehensive announcement post on The Grove website for more about this release.

Below is a video presentation of the first release by CGTricks.

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