3D Community News | Thursday, 04 April 2024
OF3D Academy | Ander Alencar - Top 10 Modeling Plugins for 3ds Max

In this video, Luciano Sousa, OF3D Academy's modeling and 3Ds Max expert, recommends ten plugins and scripts to optimize your workflow, increase productivity, and improve the quality of your 3D scenes!

From complex parametric objects, weaving patterns, ready-made materials and much more... These tools are very useful and will make your Archviz routine easier.

So, save the list:

1. Polydamage
2. Spline Flow
3. Weaver
4. Copy And Paste Objects
5. Vertex Cleaner
6. Archviz Tools
7. Floorgenerator
8. Assembly Tool
9. Railclone
10. Sini Software

00:00 Intro
01:32 Poly Damage
02:19 Spline Flow
03:10 Weaver Modifier
03:57 Copy and Paste Objects
04:39 Vertex Cleaner
05:29 ArchvizTools
07:21 Floor Generator
08:49 Assembly Tool
09:40 RailClone
11:49 Sini Software
14:31 Finalization

Watch this handful video tutorial for the Top 10 3ds Max plugins and scripts:

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