3D Community News | Wednesday, 05 July 2023
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NeXus has been updated with some incredibly powerful new tools.

nxQuestion enables the triggering of effects from particle and scene data. Use this tool to write your own script to drive particle effects. Keep in mind that you can even use an AI-generated code!

nxQuestion can also be used simply and intuitively, and you don't need to be an expert. You can make questions and create actions in a logical workflow, transforming the difficult scenes to easy ones.

We’ve added a loop layer that helps particles to return to their original position. Use the fast-calculating particle neighbor search to drive recursive spawning effects and restrict the growth by using an object volume question.

Use the nxQuestions script layer to create your own GLSL scripts for bespoke particle effects. Or use ChatGPT to generate code for you. Paste in the pre-prompt instructions to teach the AI how to work with X-Particles and then ask it a question!

The brand-new NeXus Data Mapping system makes it possible for every single modifier and dynamic modifier to be data mapped. Layer up your maps, set parameters, and adjust them to your needs.

Check the video below:

For more please visit the LINK!

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