3D Community News | Tuesday, 09 January 2024
Ephere - Ornatrix 8 For 3ds Max Released

Ephere has recently announced that Ornatrix V8 is here, pushing the cutting edge of grooming tools in Autodesk 3dsmax. 

The latest update to the Ornatrix hair and fur plugin for 3ds Max has been released. This update includes a lot of new features, and improvements, as well as a large amount of fixes. Some of the most important are:

  • Grooms. Changes to the Grooms function, such as the introduction of the box and unbox functions for whole or partial stacks. Grooms have been changed from an XML-based .oxgroom format to a YAML-based format that better captures operators and their data. The groom modifier now includes multiple internal operators; users can specify custom parameters. In addition, the release includes new grooms such as Mohawk Hair, Short Afro, and Short Pixie, making it easier to create complete grooms for each character model.
  • General. Improvements in Ornatrix 3dsmax V8 include automatic change tracking for selected operators, the default switch to the texture coordinate generation method for vertex tangents, and the geodesic distance introduction to calculate string group blending effects. The graphical user interface has been updated, and most of the Win32 operator GUI has been replaced with Qt to improve performance and scalability. Performance improvements also include switching to Embree 3 for greater efficiency and using SIMD optimizations.
  • Performance improvements. Switched to Embree 3 significantly improves performance in many places and can be used in more places like the Ground Strands modifier. Improved hair display performance and using SIMD optimizations to improve performance further,
  • Surface Comb modifier. This new per-sink parameter support includes rotation adjustments, flow, slope ramp, and channel export. Also, an option to export sink groups to channel data has been added, and an option to set sink data values based on an absolute length. Finally, an option to display sink lengths inside the viewport is now available.
  • Edit Guides modifier. This improvement allows you to move only the roots of strands, and the Create brush can add strands per vertex and per polygon face. An interpolation planted of guide between all selected strands instead of only the closest one is now available. Additionally, the exposed Rotate Strands Edit Guides mode to MaxScript.
  • Baked hair. Operator baking now supports baking strand widths, implemented full-stack import with Baked Hair object, and
    an option to load only specific Alembic curves has been added.

Check out the amazing video presentation for Ornatrix 8 For 3ds Max below:

To learn more about all feature enhancements and fixes, visit Ephere’s website.

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