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  • jeudi 20 juillet 2023

    In the world of filmmaking and television, storytelling is a complex art that continually changes to engage audiences in creative ways. Throughout time, directors, producers, and cinematographers have explored different methods to involve viewers deeply in their stories, resulting in unforgettable experiences. 

    Among these techniques, the "Volume Technology" has emerged as a captivating visual 3D controlled space creating 3D modeling scenarios for films and TV series to replace the famous green screen. In this article below, we will explore the history and techniques of the Volume Technology in films and TV series. We will delve into how this approach has transformed storytelling and its impact on audiences worldwide.

    The Volume set for The Mandalorian
    The scene is developed within a controlled environment, it is feasible to create extremely detailed and realistic environments. (Source by

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  • jeudi 20 avril 2023 Do something great with powerful habits

    Do you love your creative job as a 3D artist, but you struggle with the organizational part that comes with it? We have some tips how you can improve that not so loved part of the job by building habits, which is one of the most useful things you can do in your life. Habits are what help you perform tasks without thinking about them, which means that you have more mental space for the things that really matter. In this post, we’ll look at building atomic habits - habits that only take a few minutes and don’t require any planning.

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  • mardi 14 février 2023 Work-life balance

    I used to be able to focus on a task for hours at a time. As a kid, I could sit down with my homework and not get up until it was done. This was partly because there wasn't much else in my life, but mostly because I didn't get bored easily. These days, though? Things are different now. I can barely stay focused on one task before finding something else more interesting than what's in front of me. But this doesn't have to be an insurmountable problem; you can train your brain so that it stays focused again! Here are some tips and tricks for staying in the zone:

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  • lundi 16 janvier 2023 Work-life balance

    If you're reading this article, it's likely that you've already got a freelance business going. And if that's the case, congratulations! But like most entrepreneurs, no matter how successful your company gets, there will always be new challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. What that means for you is that as long as you're running a business (and not just working for someone else), there will never be a time when it can't benefit from your attention and creativity.

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  • lundi 12 décembre 2022 Work-life balance

    The daily life of an artist is pretty stressful. That is because many creative individuals focus more on being busy than being efficient.

    For this reason, we want to share with you in this article, easy tips and tricks you can do right away to be more productive and less stressed.

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  • jeudi 10 novembre 2022 Is a render farm worth it?

    Have you ever wondered if renting a render farm is worth it in terms of money and time? This article helps you know if a render farm is a good choice for your projects.

    If you really want to know: Yes, a render farm has many benefits that always make it worth it for you to invest in one. We invite you to keep reading to learn why.

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  • jeudi 27 octobre 2022 Data center of a render farm

    We understand that sometimes there are big projects with small budgets plus deadlines and you may find yourself unable to afford a render farm. This article will explain in detail if there is such a thing as a free render farm and how can a render farm be your ally in terms of costs.

    To give you a brief explanation, as there might be very few (close to none) free render farms for certain 3D software, the truth is that all render farms have a cost in order to stay available for users. If you want to know more about how to render on a commercial render farm with a budget, stay with us on this article.

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  • lundi 23 mars 2020


    听说过 "渲染场"这个词吗?本文将详细解释什么是渲染场及其工作原理。


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