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RebusArt submission form

Please fill in the following submission form and upload your image (and video link), rendered at RebusFarm, to take part in our RebusArt Feature.

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Tell us about your project: its inspiration, location, and any other details we can share with our RebusFamily!
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I give full permission to RebusFarm GmbH to publish my submission on their websites, blog, news and social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

I give full permission to RebusFarm GmbH to publish my submission for promotion purposes on their partner websites (e.g. ArtStation, CGSociety, VWArtclub, cgpress, Evermotion, etc.)

I assure that my submission is a selfmade 3D image whose main emphasis is not a bought 3D object.

I am happy to give you an interview on the making of my image in case my entry is chosen as a winning image.

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